Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Robert, Our Answer to Prayer....

Yep, We prayed for a Guy that can HELP us with the many computers we needed to repair, rebuild and sell in Our Thrift Store. Then God answered our prayers and Robert Shenfield walked in with his Dad. I remember that day well, Robert's Dad DJ asked "Do you think Robert will be able to work here one day?" I said, Robert I have been praying for you, and here you are...can you start Tuesday?"
Robert is a Joy. He knows MORE than I ever will about computers and anything electronic for that matter. I can talk to Robert about any subject and time of the day, this guy is ready AT ALL TIMES to chat. Robert is our main liaison between us and Tech Pros our local computer store that HELPS us a Ton. Tech Pros get computers people trade in for new ones and they donate their old ones to us. Robert then works his Magic on them wiping them clean and reinstalling the operating system and WALLA, we sell complete systems in Our Thrift Store for $99.00. Just one more job created by talented young adults that SHOW up.
Robert's favorite hobbies are watching movies, scale model trains (he says that got expensive) building scale model cars and boats, and Playstation 3....Drop by sometime and say HEY to our newest miracle-Robert.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meet Natalie

Natalie is such a Joy. She works upstairs and LOVES to help us by sorting hundreds of hangers. She lovingly awaits an escort to get up the Two Flights of Stairs and we ALWAYS have someone standing by to assist in the pleasure. Natalie likes working at Our Thrift Store, Music, Horses and PERFUME. Natalie always has a story to tell if you simply ask. Natalie has worked with us now for almost 4 years. We love you Natalie.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Paul Chadwick Sharp

It's TIME to meet One of GEAR's Most Valuabale Assets, Paul Sharp. Paul has been with Our Thrift Store now for almost 5 Years. Paul now works half of his time at Our Thrift Store and Half of his time at Our Fulfillment Center next door helping our partner GetCertified- Packing and Shipping Socks all over the U.S.

Paul is always in the mood to talk to ANYONE at ANYTIME, Period. He loves Starbucks Coffee drinks, reading his bible, and telling jokes. Paul is also famous for sayings like "that is cleaner than a whistle dipped in Clorox" . Paul is THE MOST SOCIAL young man I have ever met, which makes him Paul.

Monday, February 22, 2010

We Interrupt this BLOG for a Miracle Announcement

Well, this weeks BLOG is about featuring ONE of our special young adults....Not specifically....It's ALL about my prayer to ONE day open a Furniture and Appliance Business for our Special Needs Kids to work in. It just seemed to me a God idea, a Big Store where my young LIFTERS could help learn to fix, clean, and deliver Furniture to those customers that needed a Deal on typically expensive Stuff. Unfortunately after weighing the cost of picking up STUFF and Insurance, and Lifters, and RENT, the couch or two that we would sell for $30.00 did not make business sense. BUT God...

I absolutely knew it was NOT a go, but little did I know that the Lord was saying "Not Yet" and "Not that way" Today, he said "YES" and "NOW" but His Way.....

We received a call from The Wyndham Vacation Resorts in Nashville that they approved the donation of 300 remodeled Vacation Resort Condos. You see we had a chance to show them what we are all about, brag on our kids, and even the Resort Manger came by a few Saturdays ago to see our unique program first hand, they were impressed with our program and specifically our differently-abled young adults. You see this donation fits perfectly with The Wyndham Vacation Resorts Green Initiatives and the Recycling of their beautifully maintained appliances and Furniture. It makes a BIG dent in the unemployment rate for Special Needs Young Adults here in Davidson and Williamson County. Exactly what are we getting? Get Ready!

How about:
- 90 Refrigerators
- 90 Washer Dryers
- 90 Dishwashers
- 90 Microwaves
- 90 Garbage Disposals
- 94 Stoves
- Lamps – light bulbs will be removed – 320 total
o 2 BR Units – 160 lamps
o 1 BR Deluxe – 96 lamps
o 1 BR Suite – 64 lamps
- 85 Sofa Beds
- 100+ Wingback Chairs
- Artwork – approximately 384 pieces
- Drapes – 96 units
- Mini Blinds – 64 units
- 10’ ceiling to floor drape and valance – 64 units
- 76 Bedspreads

So do you think other Hotel Resorts might read the article in the paper and say " We can do that and help special young adults with disabilities" Please pray with me on THAT ONE. I think this is just the beginning....

PS If you are staying in a Hotel soon, PLEASE consider the Wyndham, they have a Heart for Our kids....ALL of OUR Kids.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why We are ALL Here - Sara The Matriarch

OK, it's time to introduce you to our matriarch - Our Daughter Sara. It was 2004 when we found ourselves trying to find a job for Sara who was graduating from High School. Sara had worked at different short term jobs with very low pay and no serious long term solutions. There was always hope when she started with a new job but the support necessary and required for gifted young adults disappears soon after the first day.As prayerful parents we knew God had a plan and a place for Sara and her gifts. We had NO IDEA that the Lord would not only answer our prayer for Sara but also for almost 20 other families prayers for their children by bringing into fruition " Our Thrift Store"
Meet Sara. Sara LOVES her Independence, loves her job and takes ownership of every task. She also VOLUNTEERS one day a week for a needy non profit to give back. Sara Loves and Cares deeply for others and is always friendly. Sara could easily manage other young adults because she not only knows the task needed to be accomplished but how to complete them. Sara enjoys home movies, music, church and her dog and best friend Lexi.

Sara is also a Prayer Warrior and spends much time praying for her friends at Narrowgate as well as many other friends she knows or meets. Sara has an incredible memory and often wakes up to remind us it's someones Birthday.
Not a day goes by without Sara calling a Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, or friend to say hello or ask a question because she HAD to know or simply to touch base because it was necessary to her caring heart. Sara is our special gift and as her parents we could not EVEN put into words how we have been polished because of our Princess Sara.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet Josh - KING of Everything EBAY

Joshua has been working at The Gear Foundation for over two years now. He loves his job and the people he works with. He started working in the Ebay store when he first arrived. There he sorted through items, listed them on Ebay, and shipped them when they sold. He also works in the Thrift Store when they need extra help tagging clothes and carrying bags back and forth. He is a fun loving guy, who has no equal in the characterization department. He hopes to go back to Vanderbilt (where he stayed, when he had leukemia) to work and play with the kids there, while their being treated.
If YOU have NOT visitied our EBAY Store, its on the main website on the lower right.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet Keith...

Well, another MONTH ...WOW, where Does the time go? Well, this month I am SO excited to introduce YOU to Keith. Keith has worked with us for TWO years now and he is a fantastic, HARD working, diligent young man. Keith just happens to be a wheelchair user. To ME, Keith is My Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 4:4) Keith IS the whole reason we started a EBAY Business

( )

Ya know there are times when God brings someone special just for YOU to be a blessing to. YOU KNOW....Folks that Don't Have What YOU do, and out of YOUR abundance you can help them? Well Keith is my Gift. Keith deserves MY very BEST. It is such a privilege to employ Keith and when we found out Keith had NEVER SEEN the ocean or swam in it, we sent him on the vacation of his dreams! ? Click here to see great video of that miracle trip!
Friends chipped in after hearing about our plan, and we sent him to Florida, Beach House, Walking Around Money (as my Dad put it) and a Private Pool. You GOTTA See the Joy on his face! His FIRST Vacation....Wow.

Well THIS year we decided to fulfill another dream for Keith. Keith has NEVER been to Disneyland. WHAT? My family GREW UP at Disney in Anaheim. Our parents would literally drop us OFF for the day in the Magic Kingdom. So, after sharing our "PLAN" for Keith's MOST EXCELLENT VACATION 2009, a certain MOTOWN Music Star said "HEY, Let's fly him down since he has NEVER FLOWN BEFORE" , Then a certain Country STAR said "HEY, I have the Disney V.I.P Passes handled, then while discussing this PLAN with a certain donor named CHUCK, he said "I have the Universal Studios Passes handled", so as we speak, Keith is wearing out DISNEY and Universal Studios ALL EXPENSES PAID, Just like King David did for Mephibosheth.....Just LIKE God's Heart for Keith.... and US.....

Thanks for reading ....thanks for your prayers that KEEP us going and making a difference for the Kingdom of God and folks like Keith.....The "Least of These" Jesus talked about...

Can I Challenge you with something? May I HUMBLY ask that you seek out a Keith in your life that you can bless? Just think if we all had ONE Keith we gave a hand to........what a ripple effect in our world.... Wanna make God SMILE?